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Equipment List

Pink Satellite Studios equipment list is constantly being updated and currently offers 33 rare and vintage guitars along with vintage amplifiers currently in co-founder Chris Haines’ private collection – including an original vintage John Lennon Short Scale Rickenbacker, an original 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard, Eric Clapton Crossroads ES-335, Clapton Blackie Stratocaster and an array of vintage GIBSON, FENDER, EPIPHONE, TAYLOR, MARTIN and GRETSCH guitars
…plus many more!

Other instruments include a selection of top keyboards from Korg, Nord, a vintage HOHNER Clavinet, a vintage HAMMOND,  a VOX, Continental Organ with a genuine 60’s Leslie cabinet, a 6’ 1” Yamaha C-3 Grand piano and a top of the line 100th Anniversary Ringo kit with all Zidjian cymbals.

If you require a piece of equipment not featured on our list below, we will be happy to hire it in at an additional charge.

Most recent additions
Slate Media Technology Raven MTi2 multi touch production console
Avid Pro Tools Upgrade from Standard Pro Tools to Pro Tools HD Software and Avid Pro Tools HDX Core Card
Desk & Recording
Toft 32 Channel Analog Console
Abbey Road Box Software
Pro Tools HD12
Avid Pro Tools Upgrade from Standard Pro Tools to Pro Tools HD Software and Avid Pro Tools HDX Core Card
Logic Pro operating system
API plugins
Apple G5 Computer OSX Yosemite
OSC Power amps
Slate Media Technology Raven MTi2 multi touch production console
Radial JD7 - Jensen Equipped 2-channel Active Re-Amping Device
Plugins :
Slate Digital Everything Bundle (Entire Universe of World Class Audio Plugins), includes Repeater Delay
Monster Extreme Dynamic Processor
FG-116 Blue Series Vintage
Custom Series Lift
Virtual Tape Machine
FG-73 Brit N PRE
FG-S Brit 4K EQ
FG-N Brit N EQ
FG-116 Blue Series Modern
Custom Series EQ
FGX-Mastering Processor
FG-76 Vintage PRE
Air & Earth Modules
Verbsuite Classics
Virtual Console Collection
Eiosis E2Deesser
FG-401 VCA Compressor
Virtual Buss Compressors
FG-116 FET Compressor
NOTE: Waves and more plugins available soon.
Analogue tape machine available upon request - see Additional Cost section below.
Interface :
HD ProTools 16 track HD12 Analogmagnifying glass
HD Pro Tools 8 channel analog and digital HD12magnifying glass
Compressors :
2 x Universal Audio 1176 LN
2 x Neve Portico II
Joe Meek TwinQ Dual Studio Channel
Patch Bays :
2 x Behringer 24 Ultra Patch Pro
Headphone Bay :
Behringer 8 Channel Power Play
Hear Technology Hearback 4 Monitoring System
Speakers/Monitors :
Yamaha NS- 10 Studio
JBL 3 Series
B&W CM-10
Microphones :
Shure 6 x SM 57
" 2 x SM 58
" 5 x Beta 58A
" 2 x Beta 56A
" 1 x Beta 52A
" 2 x SM 58 - Wireless PG x 2
" 1 x Unidyne III Dynamic
Neuman Stereo Pair TLM 149 - consecutive #'smagnifying glass
Telefunken M81 Dynamic Cardioid
Sennheiser MD 421 III, MD 421-U
Slate VMS One Condenser, pre - amp with digital plugins
Bock 47 Tube Condensermagnifying glass
RCA 44 BX Ribbonmagnifying glass
Electro-Voice 664
Telefunken M80 Super Charged Dynamic
Headphones :
Electro - Voice x 6magnifying glass
Studio Mic Stands :
Full range of all sizes with booms
All necessary cables
In House Studio Instruments & Amps
Keyboards :
Hammond B3 Organ with Leslie Cabinet
Korg Krome 88 Keys Work Station
Yamaha C-3 Grand Piano (6' 1")magnifying glass
Hohner Clavinet D6magnifying glass
Nord Stage 2 - 88 key
Triton Mini USB Keyboard
Drumkit :
Vintage Series Ludwig 5 Piece Ringo Re-Issue
Plexiglass drum screens
Ludwig 6" Black Beauty Snare
Yamaha 6 piece Maple Custom Absolute with
20" kick drum
Rack Toms 10" & 12"
Floor Toms 14" & 16"
Piccolo snare drum 14"
Tama 1st Chair Drum Stool
Zildjian Sweet Ride 21"
Master Sound Hi Hats 13”
Paper Thin Crash 14"
Splash 12”
" Medium Thin Crash 18"
" Vintage Crash 18"
" Master Sound Hi-Hats 14"
3 x LP Palladium Conga Drums, Giovanni Series 14”, 15”, 16” (percussion)
Mixed Percussion: Cowbells including LP Santana, Cabasa and Maracas, Wood Block, Tambourines, etc.
Amplifiers :
1966 Fender Princeton Reverbmagnifying glass
1968 Fender Dual Showman
1957 Fender Tweed Deluxe Re-Issue
1957 Fender Tweed Twin Re-Issue
2002 Fender BassBreaker Re-Issue (Clapton spec)
Marshall JMP Super Lead Stack w/ 1960 Vintage Cabinet
Ampeg B-15 Fliptop Re-Issue
Ampeg SVT 6-10 Solid Statemagnifying glass
AER Acousticube IIA - Acoustic Amp
Fender Tweed Reverb Unit
JBL PA System x 5 Monitors
Soundcraft Wireless PA EQ
Magnatone Stereo Twilighter
Klon Centaur
Uni Vox Super Fuzzmagnifying glass
Boss Super Chorusmagnifying glass
" Loop Stationmagnifying glass
" Digital Delaymagnifying glass
" Chromatic Tunermagnifying glass
Fulltone Clyde Wahmagnifying glass
Plexi Tone
Ibanez Vintage Tube Screamermagnifying glass
Acoustic Guitars :
Taylor 512 6 str with p/umagnifying glass
Taylor 850 12 strmagnifying glass
Ramirez Classical 6 strmagnifying glass
Bass :
Fender '62 Precision Re-Issuemagnifying glass
1974 Rickenbacker 4001magnifying glass
Electric Guitars :
Fender '57 Re-Issue Stratocaster - 1982magnifying glass
Fender '68 Re-issue Custom Shop Stratocastermagnifying glass
Gibson Re-Issue Clapton ES-335magnifying glass
1965 Gibson ES-125magnifying glass
The studio also features :
A built-in humidifier system
4 Ton AC system
Heating system
The Control Room - double laminate glass wall with sliding door
Vocal Isolation Booth
Veriac light dimmers
3 refrigerators
Bathroom with shower
Coming soon: Two isolation facilities for guitar amps
* Pink Satellite Studios has full security and surveillance systems
Please advise prior to session if you would like to reserve the following :
Tape Machine :
24 track, 2” Studer tape machine (POA)
Amps :
1960 Fender Bassman
1966 Fender Super Reverb
1957 Fender Tweed Deluxe
1958 Fender Champmagnifying glass
1964 Fender Vibroverb w/ JBL speakermagnifying glass
1965 Vox AC-30magnifying glass
Organ/keyboards :
1965 Vox Continental Organ
Electric Guitars :
Gibson :
1958 ES-135
1959 Les Paul Std
1959 Les Paul Jr
1964 SG Std
1982 Flying V Heritage Korina
Chet Atkins Electric Nylon
'59 Re-Issue Les Paul x 2 with vintage 60's PAF pickups
'57 Re-Issue Les Paul with vintage 60's PAF pickups
'59 Re-Issue Rusty Anderson ES-335 with vintage 60's PAF pickupsmagnifying glass
1959 EB-2 BASS
Gretsch :
1964 Country Gent - Harrison specmagnifying glass
1957 Duo Jet - Harrison spec
1964 Tennessean- Harrison spec
1961 6120 Chet Atkins
Epiphone :
'65 Casino - Lennon spec
'65 Casino Re Issue Lennon spec 2006
Rickenbacker :
1965 360-12 Harrison spec
1966 325 short scale - Lennon specmagnifying glass
'58 Re-Issue 325 short scale
'64 Re-Issue 325-12 short scale
Fender :
1953 Telecaster
1964 Stratocaster - Rosewood Fret Board
1968 Telecaster - Rosewood- Harrison spec
1963 Bass VI- Six
Re-Issue Eric Clapton Blackie Stratocaster (Ltd edition 1 of 185)
Acoustic Guitars :
Martin :
2000 HD-28
2007 000-28 Clapton - with pickup
1974 D-12 - former Clapton touring guitar
Gibson :
'62 Re-Issue J-160E - Lennon spec